IEEE International Symposium on Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks
22-25 October 2018 // Seoul // South Korea



The IEEE International Symposium on Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks (DySPAN) is a unique conference that mixes technology and policy issues, thereby becoming the premier meeting for sharing and exploring advanced spectrum technologies.

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News and Announcements

October 17 2018

Workshop programs are posted.

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October 12 2018

The recipients of student travel grant are posted.

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September 30 2018

The final program is posted.

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The panel, "Machine learning in wireless networks", is organized as follows.

1. Paul Tilghman (DARPA, USA) 

2. Lizhong Zheng (MIT, USA) 

3. Juho Lee (moderator) (Samsung Electronics, Korea) 

4. Jong-sik Lee (KT, Korea)

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August 7 2018

The panel is organized as follows.
1. Gasan Noh (ETRI, KR), talk on "Spectrum issues in satellite and cellular integration"
2. Johann Marquez-Barja (IMEC, BE), talk on “Smart usage of the spectrum within Smart Cities”
3. Andreas Wilzeck (Sennheiser, DE), talk on “Spectrum for Local Area 5G Networks in a Perspective of Culture and Creative Industries”
4. Jaeweon Kim (National Instrument, US).
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July 24 2018

The CFP of workshop is posted.
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July 20 2018

We will have five distinguished keynote speakers at dyspan 2018 as follows.
- Edward Knightly, Rice University - Scaling and Securing Spectrum Access up to THz
- Wonil Roh, Samsung Electronics - 5G Technology and Realization for Unlicensed Spectrum
- Dae Su Park, KT - An Efficient Policy Plan to Commercialize 5G Service
- Matti Latva-aho, University of Oulu - Could local micro-operators be a key driver towards 6G?
- Paul Tilghman, DARPA , DARPA Spectrum Collaboration Challenge